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The Silverton track is approximately 23 kilometeres from Broken Hill to Silverton. It is the flattest of all the tracks that the Broken Hill Mountainbike Club rides on. It is a good course for fitness training and doing time trials as it is relatively flat and well marked track giving riders of almost any standard or fitness levela good introductory experience to riding in sandy conditions or a fitnesschallenge. The 23 kms can be completed in just under 1 hour for fit riders riding constantly through
to 2 or 3 hours for novice riders depending on th number and length of breaks. The sealed road is never much more than1 km from the track in the event of any problems though riders should take plenty of water and be self sufficient in terms of bike repairs. Wind strength and direction can have a major influence on riding times. Digital phone coverage is very poor and CDMA coverage can be intermittent although there is a pay phone at Silverton. The Silverton track also offers someunique, panoramic views that can be enjoyed while riding to one of Broken Hills best knbown and popular tourist attractions. The start of the track is through the gate into Limestone Station (clearly marked) which is on the LHS of the Silverton Road approximately 3 kms from the roundabout on the major intersection of the Adelaide and Silverton Roads (also known as Williams St and Brookfield Ave respectively). The owner of the station does NOT need to be notified that you are riding through Limestone station however riders should respect the property to maintain continued access tothis track by closing gates etc. The off road track begins by heading approximately to the West from the road for several kilometres with some small hills before coming closer to the route of the old railway line (now removed) that can be seen for much of the ride. The 1 st gate that riders come to will be at approximately the 8 km mark.The track can be quite sandy and there are several sandy creek crossings that can also be quite challenging (esp. the Silverton Creek close to the end of the track). The Silverton pub is the finish point for this track where you can get a drink and a meal. There are several options from here which are to return to Broken Hill via the sealed road, return via the same track or arrange for a lift back to Broken Hill.

The Silverton track is used as a warm up race and time trial event on the Saturday before the annual Poker Race held on the Sunday of the June long weekend. The Poker race is held on the Silverton Heritage trail and attracts a very competitive group of riders each year (especially from Adelaide) along with others that just come for a good weekend at a great time of year for visitors. There are also some good social events on the Friday night to welcome riders as well as a group dinner at the Army Barracks where riders base themselves for the weekend.



Image Heritage TrailThe Silverton Heritage trail is approximately a 7.2 kilometre lap that begins at the Silverton pub. The trail is also shared with walkers though with such good visibility there are no problems sharing the track. The Heritage trail is NOT on any particular property and so requesting access is NOT required. The track is well formed as wellas having white rock markers around the track making it easy to follow though as always it is good to let someone know where you are going and approximately when you will return (like the owners of the pub). The heritage starts at the pub and heads North back over the road and winds around to the West before crossing the road again. Riders should be cautious when crossing these roads. After crossing the road a second time the track continues up a short moderate hill before a downhill section which goes through a creek and has another short climb before a short downhill through a creek followed by a steep pinch. Following a steady, winding climb up to the lookout over the Mundi Mundi plains the trail heads into a long staedy downhill which can be quite a fast ride before another short climb to a site overlooking the historic Umberumberka mine. A white metal arrow to the left points to a relatively steep downhill to the bridge. Riders should exercise caution on this downhill section and crossing the bridge before taking another left turn along the site of the original railway line. The track along the site of the old railway line goes through a railway cutting and along a flat track back to the SIlverton pub. The Silverton Heritage trail can be completed in under 20 minutes for good riders (and the best time recorded for the Poker race is....) though should take others riders 30 to 45 minutes depending on how many stops they have. The Heritage trail is a good mix of hill climbing (which leads to some unique views), down hills and long flat sections which will be enjoyable for riders of anystandard.


Silverton Heritage Trail



Nine Mile TrackThe 9 Mile track is approximately 5km.  The start line is situated heading out on the sculptures road, to the end of the bitumen, on the left hand side of the road, just before the grid. The track starts on a flat section for approximately 100 metres, which then turns left and heads across a deep, sandy, dry river bed. The creek takes a bit of effort and experience to ride through, the track heads along a rocky car track, heading up a steep, 200 metre rocky climb. This then turns right, left, and snakes its way along through some shallow sandy creeks, flat and then undulating sections for approximately 1.5 kms.  This leads to a junction point in the track, juniors and beginners continuing straight, the remaining riders turning right and heading up a windy, rocky, grueling 600 metre climb.  Once at the top, breath a sigh of relief, as the track heads down a fast, rocky 100 metre decent, taking a sharp left hand turn at the bottom, and continuing for about 600 metres. This joins up with the junior/beginner track and passes through a small creek bed, a gentle climb, followed by a mild decent, and some 1.5 kilometres of moderately flat track.This leads to yet another deep, sandy creek bed, and approximately 100 metres on and the track turns left, with a 500 metres straight run, through 1 final small creek bed, to the start/finish line.

Course distance:    5 km
Degree of difficulty: Moderate-difficult
Senior Men:    3 laps
Senior Women:    2 laps
Juniors/beginners:    2 laps of junior/beginners course




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